Oreo Cupcakes

Hi! This is post is going to mark the beginning of weekly posts (she said) – I’m planning on uploading a post every Saturday or Sunday, as that’s when I’ll have the most time to focus on creating good content.

Weekly posting begins with one of my favourite things – food! Before I went plant based I loved baking – every weekend I’d be baking something new and coercing my family into taste testing. There were successes and failures (always check and then double check the recipe – it’s unlikely that ANY recipe needs 5 tbsp of baking powder) but I really enjoyed sharing my (sometimes questionable) creations with friends and family.

Going plant based I thought that baking was something I was going to have to give up, and I wanted to let anyone that is worrying know that is definitely isn’t! I tend to try and create healthier versions of classic sweet treats, using wholefoods and skipping the refined sugar but that means that they often come out ‘healthier tasting’ than what people are used to and they have this idea that vegan baking is all blended dates and oaty-ness. I still love to try and replicate non-vegan bakes, especially to show people that being plant based is not in nay way restrictive at all. Since going plant based I’ve baked Victoria sponges, brownies, Christmas cake, banana bread, pancakes, cupcakes and more and people are always surprised when I say ‘by the way – it’s vegan!’.

I’m hopefully going to be sharing recipes here later down the line (both ‘healthy’ and not so much) but for today I just wanted to show you these AMAZING Oero cupcakes. I used this recipe from Tastemade, and I am so so chuffed with how they’ve come out!

My family are always wary when they try my baking as they’re never sure if there’s going to be some weird sounding healthfood worked in but the minute they tried these they loved them! I’m not normally a fan of chocolate cake but these are on a whole different level – they’re just the thing if you fancy something sweet and I really like that Oero actually goes in the cake mixture too. I’m going to be honest – my piping could definitely do with a bit (read: a lot) or work but these cupcakes taste better than they look, trust me.







Laura xxx

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